About Us
System Electronic Export LLC was created in 2017 and is specialized in development and production of advanced radar information collection and processing systems, as well as automated command and control systems (C2).
Our unique radar information digital processing algorithms and software were tested at real combat actions in Ukraine and are adapted to modern war requirements.
Synergy between the most experienced specialists in radar development field and contemporary IT specialists with advanced, non-standard thinking allows us to implement in our products the most efficient, latest high-tech solutions. Our staff includes 2 winners of Science and Technology State Award of Ukraine, Meritorious worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine and 7 PhDs in technical sciences.
Established cooperative connections and our own production base are sufficient for design and manufacture from a scratch of modern automated command and control systems, radar systems and modernization of past generations radars.
One of our today’s main priorities is active support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in repair and integration into a single network of different range and types radars and anti-aircraft systems provided to Ukraine by foreign partners.
Our mission and values:
At System Electronic Export we believe that the advantage
is in a balance between fundamental knowledge and flexibility, speed of its application.
That is exactly what we implement in all of our products and offer to our customers – see more, react faster.
Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with vast experience in development, production and implementation of radar and C2 systems. We never stop improving our knowledge and skills in order to keep leading roles at technical expertise in the industry. In addition, we maintain constant communication with our customers to adopt our systems to their needs, requirements and challenges.
SEE is a highly-technological company. We are relentless in finding new solutions and implementing them in our systems. We support and stimulate the culture of innovation, creativity and openness to new ideas.
High quality
We strive for high quality in everything we do – from research and development to production and maintenance of our products. We use best practices, quality standards and only verified suppliers to provide high reliability, efficiency and functionality of our systems.