P-18S Radar
Mobile 2D Meter Band
Radar P-18S
P-19S Radar
Mobile 2D L Band
Radar P-19S
Radar 5N84АС
2D Meter Band Radar
Promising developments

In today's world, stopping development even for a short time can lead to a significant lag behind the realities. That is why we at SEE LLC make considerable efforts to develop advanced radar systems and new operation algorithms.

UAVs, drones and loitering munitions have taken a significant place in modern warfare and have proven their effectiveness at a fairly low price. That is why we are actively working both on design of comprehensive solutions to counter these threats and on development of our own reliable, small-sized radar to detect them. The main emphasis in this work is on the development of AI-based software that can recognize different types of air targets and predict their movement pattern.

In addition, our company's specialists are developing 3D radars and electronic warfare systems. These developments should further strengthen the national air defense system and will also be exported.

All SEE developments are based on advanced technologies, reliability and ease of operation. Most of the proposed solutions have been tested during real combat operations in Ukraine.